How to get

It is possible to receive a beautiful manually made custom. By hand I will make an exact copy of the one you want. I guarantee that I will work with great patience and accuracy. Furthermore you will receive an official numbered certificate as proof that the custom is originally customed by me.

Please take into consideration that making those customs cost time. Therefore allow me one month to work on it after you ordered. Like I said before I want to make it with the highest quality possible. Send me an email if you are interested and I will reply you.





Dishan € 149   Yasmin € 199   Rako € 149
Mr. Zom € 149   Chloe € 199   Dan € 149
Murphy € 149         The Red Star € 249
Tamo     I, WZL     Bax Bear  
Zyu-Li € 149   Klyme € 99   Box € 99
Josephine € 149            
Su Zhen € 149            
Nido € 499            

Ή Sending- and packing costs are not included.

All pieces are extremly limited and only in production by myself after receiving your order.