What are designer toys?

There are a lot of toys available, but what makes a toy a designer toy? There are three core qualities. A designer toy is developed by an artist who connects his name with the toy, a designer toy is produced in small numbers (between 1 or 1000 pieces max) and offcourse a designer toy must look like a toyfigure. That means that Playmobil is not a designer toy because these are produced in very large numbers and there is no artist connected with it.

A lot of series have been produced what makes designer toys true collector-items. It is not uncommon that designer toys are being sold for a large amount of money. For example a 20-inch Dunny will cost you around $750 while the selling price was originally $250. But fortunately most people are not in it for the money. It is a combination of the original design, the devoted labour and the limited availability what makes designer toys special and unique.